Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Gonna Have A Great Year

It's my birthday tomorrow--so this is technically my Birthday Eve. I always thought 42 sounded old--certainly at 20, but even when I was 40! I had no idea what life would be like but here are some things I know I never expected:
  • Becoming a mom at 40
  • Being the money earner in my family
  • Still be teaching
  • Completed 4 marathons
  • Lived on both coasts, around the Midwest, and Alaska
  • That I could reinvent myself from almost nothing multiple times
  • Loving yoga
  • Surviving deep personal loss--of dreams, plans, loved ones, etc.
  • So many paradoxes--love home and travel, very motivated to be still, and other such dichotomies
  • Using the Internet to connect with whole communities I may never meet
  • Loving making art, cooking, watching movies, reading magazines, and bubble baths (especially with the door closed and no little fists pounding on the door!)
  • Beginning to love myself
  • Really thirsting for more faith

The list could really go on forever. I'm surprised by the course of my life. I honor it! And I know it's going to be a great year--dare I say, the best yet!

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