Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brave Gifts of Heartbreak and Disappointment

I was reading Jen Lemen's blog. She is so eloquent and real. It's beautiful to witness and so comforting to sink into. She was writing about the gifts of heartbreak and disappointment, and then she asked us to respond.

Here's what I said:

Here’s what I think the gifts of heartbreak and dissappointment are: They are the kick in the pants that propel me forward into the the vast unknown–where I’ve feared to travel when life is comfortable–beyond the safety and the boundaries. They allow me to embrace dreams and hopes and pursue realities that I’m not even sure are possible. They clarify priorities and choices.

This is by far my most difficult teaching year ever–on many different fronts. At the same time I’m taking concrete steps to pursue dreams that I had put on the back burner when the sailing was smoother and teaching easier.

Again, I'm struck by the paradox of pain as purpose in life.

What are the gifts of heartbreak and disappointment for you?

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