Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuggets of Empowerment

Have you ever noticed how when we really start to look for something we can almost always find it? I'm completely in love with the color turquoise, and I'm seeing it in paint colors and headbands and in magazine photos and in jewelry and scarves. It's everywhere.

I think that's also true about what we think we need as we bravely move through our daily life. I believe that we can usually find what we seek. We find what we seek in relationships and media and in nature.

I've been looking for something physically small to remind me of some of life's brave big ideas. That's when I started making these little nuggets of empowerment. They each have one brave word. I can carry them around in my pocket, put them on my desk, and even share them with others. Some I tuck away to find at a future point in time.

What are you bravely seeking today?

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