Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun Review Tip: Envelope Swap

So part of the beauty of prepping for state testing is that I'm challenged to think of ways to make repetitive review less boring and more motivational. Enter the infamous Envelope Swap Game!

Here's how it works:
Sometimes I write the questions. Sometimes I cut apart old released test or practice tests.
There is one question in each envelope. Students have one minute to open the envelope and record their answer on an answer sheet and return the question to the envelope.
When the timer rings, students all pass envelopes in the direction that I explain at the beginning of the activity. They always pass to the same person--usually the person behind them.
This continues until everyone has filled in all answer blanks.
Then I flash the answers up on the old Smartboard, and, voila, students have just enjoyed answering and checking their own work.

I think this would work well for reviewing a unit or chapter, too. There are so many ways to modify or improve this. It also takes a lot less paper.

And this is my little tip/trick for today.

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