Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clip Chart Tip

I think there is some miraculous power in my clip chart! This is the first year I've used it. I got the idea here. And she got it here.

This year I needed to find a new behavior plan, because none of my wealth of resources seemed to work. Everything felt too time consuming or punitive or ineffective. And then along came the clip chart! If I were a gambler I would not have put my money on this little bit of paper, lamination, and clothespins to have a positive impact, but it has! I started it at the end of January.

I won't explain it all here, because you can check out the to links above where there are lots of suggestions, ideas, and thorough explanations. I just want to offer a testimonial--it works! I like the automatic feedback. I like that everyone starts the day in the middle of the chart and can work their way up or down. I like that every day is a fresh start. I like that kids basically manage themselves on the chart, and I spend less than 5 minutes a day on it.

If you feel frustrated or your old bag of tricks isn't working, check out the clip chart.

What goodies have you recently added to your bag of tricks?

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