Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspired by March Snow

It snowed last Friday--it was that wet, heavy, white stuff, and hello, it was March 11. We've had plenty of snow this winter. But here's the crazy thing--it was GORGEOUS! It looked like a postcard with snow clinging to everything.

I remember a photo my dad took sometime in the 60's. Every time I saw that slide I thought the snow was gorgeous. It was that kind of snow. I wondered if I would ever look down the street and see nonstop snow on every branch. It was that sort of day.

After school, we ate an early dinner, and the boys headed outside. If you don't find joy in the snowman turned snow bunny, then maybe you should take your pulse. It's even better because this is the first time the little boy was actually adding to rather than removing snow.

It was all quite pure--unblemished, uncomplicated, unsophisticated and simple. While I wasn't thinking that snow would inspire me in March, that beauty did just sneak up on me as a snow bunny and fill my heart with joy.

What's your unexpected inspiration today?

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