Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Hurdle of Fear

What has fear kept you from doing? Fear has kept me from going back to school, proclaiming I'm an artist, starting my own business, quitting toxic relationships with people and institutions. It's kept me from trying new things.

Fear has kept me from proclaiming my truth. It's not like an ogre was standing over me saying, "Stop." or "If you_______, then I will_______ (imagine the worst case scenario here.)" Nope--it's all inside my head. And, boy, do I have a creative imagination. I can catastophize about anything.

You know I act and talk all brave until fear comes knocking at my door. Tomorrow you will see what happens when I heard the fear and I felt the fear and then I did it anyway. Don't forget to remind everyone you know to check back here tomorrow. It's going to be good.

What is fear keeping you from doing today? What would happen if you heard the fear and felt it and did it anyway?

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