Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspired by Spring Change

So here in Ohio Spring is finally deciding to show up. My daffodils are turning from green to an opening yellow, and the leaves on the trees are just ready to pop. I love this time of year. Can I really put the winter coat away and stop wearing socks? I also resist the unpredictability of it all. It's kinda' crazy--I've waited all winter, and now I'm resisting! It doesn't follow any sort of logic.

I think life is like that. Change is something that we resist. I like to think I'm more open than the average person to the unexpected, but it's still tough. I brace myself and I prepare as much as I can, and I resist just as much as everyone else. The insanity in all of this is often the change is what I've waited for--just like spring after a long winter.

Often change brings benefits so far beyond what I could expect or hope, so when will I learn that change is good? That acceptance makes any transition smoother? That I can bring calm energy to challenging and charged situations? That I can look for the beauty that is there?

How are you resisting change? What would allow you to be open to change? How has change been positive for you?

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