Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspired by More Power-FULL Kids

Aren't you blown away when you see other people making the world a beautiful place?

So a 4th grade girl from another class walked into my room on Friday morning and ask me if I would like to donate money because she was raising money for Children's Hospital. After a few questions I found out that she and her 6th grade sister on their own are raising money to purchase games for kids who have to hang out in the waiting rooms.

I'm blown away! Aren't you?

I always know in my heart that there are soooo many amazing kids and human beings of all ages in the world around us. Why do the few rotten apples get so much attention?

This is such a GREAT cause. If you would like to contribute, please contact their mom, Donna Ray, at this email address: Please give, if you can--it's a great way for power-full kids to see that the world has so many other amazing people who want the world to be a beautiful place. They will make their donation just before Easter, so don't delay.

How do you see other people making the world a beautiful place.

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