Sunday, April 3, 2011

Together We Are Greater Than Our Parts

"Together we are greater than our parts." I think we should be taught to live by and really believe this principle. Here are some ways I've been seeing, experiencing and witnessing this recently:

My magic purple bag and idea notebook are shown above. I never thought I had time for writing down my ideas, but in Flying Lesson by Kelly Rae Roberts, she said she keeps everything in notebooks to begin with. She is such a beautiful and creative artist. I'm recommending her course and ebooks, if you are a creative spirit who wants to make money and not be a starving artist. I can't even tell you how much good stuff I've written in that notebook in the past 2 months--chapter titles for a book. Affirmations for teachers. A complete and detailed outline for my adventurous course The Art and Soul of a Brave Teacher. My mission statement. And so many more goodies that will soon be revealed.

Brave Women's Breakfast for April--finding surprising connections and empowering each others ideas and thoughts.

Finding blogs that unexpectedly propel my secret future ideas forward. Two right now are scoutie girl where tara gentile offers a FREE 8 session course, and if that's good for you, you might also look for other courses/opportunities with Tara Gentile here. And then there is Goddess Leonie down under in Australia. Her 3 part blogs on business really spoke to me.

This week is Spring Break! and even though I'm starting out a little under the weather, do I need to say more? I'm brimming with ideas--if I can just accomplish a fraction of them!

The ripple effects of the Hopeful World course I took in December with Jen Lemen, Odette and Innocent are still being felt on an almost daily basis in my life. I feel such great gratitude for them.

And we are potty training at our house this week. Boy is that a collaborative effort! I'll keep you updated on progress!

Who do you collaborate with? What do you have to offer the world today?

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