Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's Your Perspective?

So most of what I'm looking at this week I'm seeing from the perspective of a two year old. I'm blown away by how blissed out he is by nature--the sound of water, old pine cones, and the joy in a rock. I feel joyful just witnessing his joy.

These experiences make me think of how I'm really in a perspective rut. A few days away from my job makes it very easy to see how my thought process is stuck about curriculum and testing and procedures and so on. But I'm also in a perspective rut about my house, what I eat, how I relate to my family and friends, how I spend my precious and limited free time, and so many other ways.

I want a fresh perspective. I want to see a little rock as a fascinating new toy. Today's a great day to look at my world from another perspective.

Just take a moment to contemplate looking at your world from someone else's perspective. What's your perspective today?

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