Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there who is impacting the life of a child.

This photo is back from the beginning of February, but my guys just downloaded it and used it as part of a gift for me. I LOOVE this photo. Sam is pulling me in for a kiss because of the great heart cookie.

I always thought I'd feel different about being a mother. I always thought my life would be different as a mother. I thought I would still have my mom for support. I always thought I would be a stay at home mom. Like most things in life, motherhood has not turned out the way I expected. It's not better or worse, it's just different.

It's given me a different perspective on life, how I use my time, how I look at the world, choices I make. the future, and so many other things.

How do kids change you?

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