Monday, May 2, 2011

What Do You "Need"?: A Toddler's Perspective

The moment of my day that filled my heart with the most joy occurred in the couple minutes before we sat down for dinner tonight. My husband warmed up some real leftover mac and cheese and whipped up some dill buttered carrots. It smelled sensational. I'm standing over the stove scooping this onto a little plate and saying to the 2 year old in our family, "Are you ready for some macaroni and cheese and yummy carrots? Without missing a beat he says , "I NEED CANDY!" I kid you not. I need candy.

I find it very easy to confuse wants and needs--not just when we are two! Often the things I really need I've convinced myself I just want, because it's okay to have unfulfilled wants. It's much tougher to have unfulfilled needs.

What do you really need today?

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