Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cracking the Shell

So when it comes to teaching respect there are always a few kids who are hard to reach. While they often appear disinterested and resistant, those are the kids who need it the most. Watch for them and plan for them.

I've seen them ignore me, defy the rules--either passively or agressively, even turn against their friends. I'm talking children, not even teenagers!

The issue at heart is TRUST. Of course respect sounds good--really, but can they really trust us. I think for me that's why the beginning of a new school year is so exhausting. They are trying to read my signals, and I'm trying to read their signals and respond in a trustworthy and respectful manner (in addition to teaching routines, procedures, and some subject matter).

So why would they trust us? They don't know us. They've already been disappointed in their short life by people they thought they could trust.

What are ways you develop trust and respect at your work place? or with kids?

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