Saturday, August 13, 2011

Art Show Opening

Can you believe my art is in a gallery? I can't. It feels weird. There was some fabulous art in the show. And I really liked the way it showcased Akron.

It's crazy how feelings of self doubt and unworthiness rise up in my heart. I felt like such a little fish in the big ocean. The big guy I love gave me some perspective on it. He said it was like marathoning for me. I completed my first of 4 marathons in May 2005 in Vancouver B. C. I trained for months. I walked. I finished in 6 hours and 24 minutes. That's more than 4 hours after the winners. I didn't do it to be the best. I did it to do it. I paint to have experiences, and because I love how I feel when I do it. In regard to marathoning the personal victory was crossing the finish line. And yesterday the personal victory was just seeing my stuff hanging on the wall. I'm trying to let that just soak in.

What are some of your personal victories?

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