Friday, August 12, 2011

Top Eleven Self Care List For Best Year Ever and FREEBIES

If I don't plan ahead I know I won't take very good care of myself this year. So I'm thinking what are the things I can do to take exceptionally good care of myself this year, so that I can have lots to give to my students and other brave teachers. As of today, this is my top 11 list (in no particular order!):

~Eat nutritious and delicious foods

~Use affirmations

~Less shame and blame on me and more acceptance

~Walks in nature--alone and with my little family

~Read for fun--even if it's just magazines

~Create art for fun

~Drink lots of water

~Go on solo adventures--even to the coffee shop

~Ask for help

~Avoid negativity

~Express more gratitude

And on the topic of self care, here are some Friday Freebies around this theme:

For Brave Teachers Poster

Affirmations to cut into cards

Blank Self Care Plan

Blank My Top 10 Self Care Tips

Enjoy! Please know I'm sending out lots of courage and strength with the hope that you are taking steps to make this your best year EVER!

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