Monday, August 22, 2011

Marvels On Monday

During the school year, Monday turns out to be my least favorite day. I feel dread on Sunday night. I think it's wrapped up in expectations of what I thought I should be able to do as a crazy worker bee.

In my process of visioning the best year ever I thought this Monday thing needed to change. I decided that I would expect less work from myself on the weekend and look for "marvels on Monday." These will be unexpected inspiration that flutter through my life. Since this was the first Monday (with just meetings) I can tell you I'm exhausted, but I have a couple things that really stuck out.

1. A teacher from another building gave me some brand new books to add to my class library--just because. That seemed pretty marvelous.

2. I received an amazing email of gratitude with a gift attached from a teacher, trainer, coach. I'll share more about this soon. This felt pretty marvelous.

What marvels are fluttering into your life?

P.S. I want to remind you it's not too late to sign up for the first ever Fall Brave Teachers Retreat.

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