Sunday, August 7, 2011

Focus on Best Year Ever Classroom Set Up

At this time of year it's so easy to get distracted. I go into a store, and I'm drawn like a moth to a flame to the back to school supplies. I get online to blog, but I'm drawn to all the amazing blog posts of other people as they are planning their year. I go into school, and I think about projects I WANT to do, which is not often what I NEED to do. It's all very fun and exciting, but I need to be clear about what I'm doing.

This is not a recipe for THE BEST YEAR EVER! So I say to myself, keep your eye on the prize. For the next couple weeks my question every day is going to be, what do I need to do today to make this my best year ever??

It's often much more simple than I make it. Today I'm thinking of the only 2 questions I need to ask myself about setting up the instructional space for a great year. Only 2 questions?? Why, there have been whole books written on the subject. I know, but I also know that I am a brave teacher, and I will keep it simple. I made this little video so that you can know my 2 questions.

What are you doing to keep things simple this year? Today? At this moment?

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