Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Perhaps the VERY BEST part of summer has been spending time with my little family. And perhaps the best part of spending time with the big guy and little guy is watching the little guy get SOO tall and hearing everything he is saying and asking! (He is SO literal!) I couldn't resist sharing a few of my favorite examples:

"Somebody bwoke my camewa." (Said in the backseat of the car after mommy put the little picture disk in backwards, and the souvenir viewfinder camera his aunt brought him from Germany wouldn't move.)

"I need more kale chips and bwoc-a-lee" (Who says kids won't eat vegetables?? He could not get enough of these from our CSA farmer.)

"I was thinking about the snakes." (Said when I asked what he was thinking when he got to pet a chinchilla at an exotic animal show.)

"Grandma is my mother." (He asked what was a mother, and I told him he had a mother. Then I asked if he knew who is mother was.)

"I need my garbage truck/pizza shop/castle." (Translation: I need to get on my parents' bed, pile up all the pillows and play pretend--often heard at this point, "The garbage sinks (stinks)."

"I sorry guys, I not see the river," (Said to the people, formerly known as mommy and daddy, when we were driving on a bridge over the Cuyahoga River.)

"No, how 'bout a cookie?" (Response to the questions, "Would you like more cucumbers or rice?")

"I help you." (Which might be helpful--or not.)

So I hear stuff like this EVERY day. I'm so grateful that this is such a big part of my summer.

What are you grateful for this summer?

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