Friday, July 22, 2011

Blogs I'm Crushing On

So I can't think of just one blog I heart. I'm participating in the Linky Part over at the Clutter Free Classroom, and today's prompt is highlighting a favorite blog author and write them a letter. Instead I'm writing a post-it note to lots of incredible blogs.

I have been so motivated and inspired by so many amazing brave women who write blogs--teachers, artists, business women, and just phenomenal women. These blogs are only linked by the courageous sisterhood of woman bloggers.

I've decided to list my current favorite crushes--some old and some new--in no particular order:

Julia at the Painted Path
You inspire me to pursue calm and peace like a warrior!

Leonie Dawson at Goddess Guidebook
You inspire an amazing global sisterhood with an abundance of tools and business sense.

Brave Girls Club
Do I need to say any more? I've taken Soul Restoration 1 and I'm still working on 2. I love the deep down heart work combined with artsy projects--bliss

Amanda at Kind Over Matter
I have been healed by some of what I've found and read on this site and super inspired and I heart so many of the sponsors, too!

Jen Lemen
I've taken 2 classes she cocreated with Andrea (below). Her words are so honest and potent and real and messy. I also took an amazing class with her last December that is still rocking my universe.

Andrea Scher is a superhero and amazing creator of space for people to grow. And I love her photography. If I had more time and money her photography class would be next on my list.

Patience at Kindness Girl is a role model to me of letting kindness invade the daily tasks of life and how powerful that can be.

Lindsey at A Design So Vast has such a beautiful way with words. It's like the words and feelings are moving all around, and she just knows how to choreograph them in a way that takes my breath away.

Rachel at Small Notebook is a real world guru of experienced and real life decluttering

Kelly Rae Roberts who inspires me with a real creative business that makes a real living and a real life.

OK. I'm looking over the list and none of these are school related, but all are so applicable to life, and the life of a teacher. If you have a minute, dash over to Brave Teachers and see what's new. It is the manifestation of all this inspiration in my life!

What blogs are inspiring you?


  1. I love your blog's pictures and colors! They soothe my troubled soul.

  2. Your blog is fabulous! Lots of great information and links. I also am in love with your title. When I was around the 4th grade age, I read the book "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" over and over and over again. I must've read that book 100 times!

  3. What a great selection of blogs! I've only ever read blogs by friends and family on a personal level to keep in touch. It was fascinating to see what others are doing. Thank you.