Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Vacation Souvenir

So I just returned form an amazing and delicious week at Lakeside with my little family. If you don't know Lakeside, I will just say there is no place on earth like it! While we were there we saw amazing shows by Gaelic Storm, Apollo's Fire, and a crazy juggling duo, Passing Zone.

I taught Art and Soul of Brave Teachers.
Sam loved God Squad with Chip Richter and his wife and kids.
Virgil took a chainmail class and spent lots of time in Lake Erie with Sam.

But what did I bring back?

I brought back such a renewed sense of creativity in the artistic sense of the word. I just want to take classes and learn how to do all sorts of new fun stuff. I think I'm going to do the Akron in Plein Air event next weekend. I'm thinking of entering a photography show. I have ideas for new photo card sets and new products for the etsy shop. Oh, and I hope to take a metal stamping class, too. It's a LOT--I know, but I'm just going with it. I'm sure there will be lots of updates, so stay tuned!

From my point of view renewed creativity and artistry seems like a pretty good vacation souvenir!

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