Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grab a FREEBIE From My New Book

I am so excited to give you a little peak into There Is No Magic Wand, my very first ebook. It's actually more than just a little peak. It's a whole chapter, with exercises, action steps, and a worksheet I created just for you. It's a mini-retreat just for you, brave heart! So click HERE for the FREE chapter, "You're Not Trapped."

If you enjoyed that chapter, you can purchase the whole book HERE!

This is a book filled with art and photographs and stories. It speaks to the pressures on teachers to be magicians and if offers transformative hope for brave teacher hearts. It has exercises and action steps and worksheets I made just for you in every chapter. Use them so that you can make it your very own experience. It's the sort of book you can use to strengthen your resolve the new school year, or it can give you a boost when your courage or confidence are week or your feeling tired.

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