Friday, July 8, 2011

Mini Trash To Treasure Project

I wanted to join this Linky Party, but I was having a hard time finding something at a thrift store that I wanted to repurpose for my classroom. So I started looking around the house. Here's this little ol' Altoid tin. That just got my imagination going. What could I do with an little old empty tin in my classroom.

Some of my ideas include:

Use it to hold task cards for any subject or theme
Hold Math Flash Cards like the 10 Trickiest Times Facts
Place an object related to a new unit and play 20 questions
Fill it with journal prompts for writing center.
Place written directions in it for a Follow the written directions center
Put a poem in it for kids to read
Hold paper clips
A mini writing kit with a little notebook and golf pencil

You get the idea.

I settled on making it an affirmations tin that I could set on my desk and look at as needed. I printed off some free affirmations from Julia over at Painted Path. I used this great robin's egg blue. I painted the tin and added some decals. I'm already using it my little home office and loving it. See amazing trash to treasure transformations here.


  1. I really liked some of your ideas for the tin. I think I might try a few of them this year. Thanks!

  2. Wow, color me impressed! I love this blog first of all. Second of all, for someone with very little artistic talent, I could get behind something like this. I could see a great use for this in the library - "Great Reads" or even short poems. The possibilities are pretty cool for a variety of things. Thanks for sharing! I'll be keeping an eye out now for all sorts of unique contraptions to repurpose as you've done in this case.