Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hoppin' Right Into July

It's July! Really! It's the month that most represents summer for me. Here are a few of the upcoming highlights that I'm hopping right on:

~I'm celebrating Independence Day with both sides of our family this weekend--fireworks, anyone!
~There Is No Magic Wand, my first ebook, is ready for release into the world
~My little family is going to Lakeside, where I will be guiding Art and Soul of Brave Teachers
~I'm having more dental work done and I'm going to try to squeeze in a physical--if I'm brave enough!
~I'm going to try to squeeze in one more amazing--rock your socks off--project for Brave Teachers. It's a surprise that you will so want.
~I'm taking two online classes--about podcasting and PDFs
~I'm going to finish Soul Restoration
~I'm going to read and create for fun!
~I'm going to continue lots of stuff on My Summer To Do List

Generally July is going to be action packed in a lazy summer sort of way!

What are your plans for July?

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