Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plein Air Adventure

Today was the day I tried something new--for fun. I really tried to limit the pressure I put on myself. (Which is always a challenge!) I participated in Streetscapes: Akron in Plein Air . If you know me then you know I'm super creative and enthusiastic, but I've NEVER done anything like this--ever.

The day started with breakfast with my little family and rain. We got canvases and papers stamped so that it would be obvious that you actually painted outside today. And then I headed for the Towpath because I knew there would be plants that I could paint there. It was hot and HUMID--as soon as I got set up it started to rain again. When I let go of feeling self conscious I LOVED painting. I wish I let myself create more just for fun--without judgement.

I painted flowers and plants and a little canal water way tunnel. This was watercolor, my favorite super portable medium. Then I took a lunch break, framed some of those and went back with acrylics. It was soo different than my morning work. You can see it above. I titled it Brave Queen's Lace. Then I took the acrylic and the framed watercolors to Summit Art Space to turn them in--more feeling self conscious.

I'm so grateful for the experience. At least one of my pieces will be in show at Summit Artspace August 12 - September 17. I'm excited so see the work of the other artists. I'm so glad I just did it. It was a brave experience for me.

What are you doing, even if you feel the fear or self judgement?


  1. Congrats on taking a leap! Looks like fun.

    - JHW

  2. I love that painting!! It is beautiful! Do you sell your work?

  3. Excellent use of information and colors. Fantastic!!