Thursday, February 2, 2012

Move Your Classroom Midyear And Find Your Groove

So I moved my entire classroom to the other side of the building in less than a week at the end of January. I have changed classrooms many times. But it's a whole other game when you have students that you're still trying to teach and all the other sort of school political and bureaucratic shenanigans. My friend put the above sign on my door after watching random people walk into my classroom, think it's still the lounge, and ask why so many kids were in there!

While I'm still sorting my way out, the new room looks really good--even with mostly bare walls and a coke machine!

It's hard to believe that they've already built a wall in the old room! It actually got painted today! My kids still had desks and most of our other stuff in there last week at this time.

I'm still trying to find my groove in the new space, but I already like more room--especially for math games and reading activities--centers that won't have to go back to your seat--yippee!

If you get to move midyear, here's my best advice:

1. Look for the good, because plenty of other people will tell you all the negative stuff
2. Let go of expectations
3. Let other people help you, even if it's not the way you would do it.
4. Let kids take ownership. We designed class layouts that they liked--they do have some good ideas, and they loved moving their stuff, our library, etc.
5. Be gentle with yourself--I'm still whipped almost a week later.
6. Express thanks whenever possible--especially to kids
7. Have fun and laugh when possible
8. Be patient with other people when they can't handle the change
9. Put on a positive spin for as many people as possible
10. Take your time settling in. It takes a while to find your groove and decide how the new space will work best for you and your students.

It's also a good time for me to do some spring cleaning!

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