Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good 4th Grade Teachers Valuable National Resource

If you're a fourth grade teacher, you already know this: 4th grade teachers are a valuable national economic resource.

Now there is scientific research to support it!

I first read about this in an op-ed article another teacher gave me. You can read the article HERE. You can also read reader comments to the article here.

The brief summary is this: a good 4th grade teacher actually raises the future earning of the students they teach. It's amazing and true. I know brave 4th grade teachers didn't doubt this for a minute.

This makes me think that people like my state's governor, who thinks teachers like make too much money, (notice I didn't say earn, because he doesn't believe the work I do is worthy of the salary and benefits I receive) could {should} be looking at me as a very inexpensive investment that each year brings future economic gains of more than 10 times my total benefits package and about 15 times my salary. And that's if I'm just an average 4th grade teacher!

I applaud 4th grade teachers everywhere on the work you are doing every day to improve our national economy!

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