Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Verbs In Action

This is a very fun way to practice action verbs!

Here's how it works:

1. On the top half of the page, students draw themselves doing something they really enjoy.
2. Then they write the first sentence on the bottom half of the page. It must include an action verb that is circled.
3. Then students walk around the room adding sentences about their picture.
4. I'm pretty flexible, so the only rule is that everything must be school appropriate, and you can't write exactly what someone else wrote.
5. I use it for pure practice, so I don't know who wrote which sentences, but you could have kids write their initials or classroom number after their sentence.
6. I usually go through with a highlighter so that the real action verbs stand out.

This works very well with a group that has a very broad ability range. I've also used activities like this in TESOL groups of adults. Everyone has appeared to enjoy. I've used it with 3 very different groups of 4th graders, and it's always successful!

What fun ways do you practice grammar?

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