Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Little Project

I always have a project brewing. It's just how I'm wired. For the past couple months my little project has been Brave Teacher Adventure Kits. I'm so excited about them that I just had to spill the beans a little bit ahead of schedule.

You know how as a teacher you have points in time during the school year when you feel tired or overwhelmed or like you just might spontaneously combust and never be heard from again? For me this always happens to some degree during the month of February. Sometimes I just get really sick, but usually I move forward with fatigue in my body and a heavy heart. So how do I get past it?

I usually end up making something (not for my classroom) or writing (or ranting) for a few weeks in a journal. These are the two best ways I've regained sanity and forward moment. It always looks a little different, but it always works.

That got me to wondering--am I the only one? Is everyone else a-okay, while I'm in this dark little space? Me thinks not. So I decided to share a piece of myself and the fun stuff--it really is fun and gentle and non-judging--that I do to beat these bouts of self doubt and overwhelm.

I've combined a little lesson, some inspiration, and projects to offer some hope, healing, and empowerment, for all brave hearts who might need this. There are 3 Adventure Kits that will be available around March 15. You can catch a brief glimpse here.

You can also receive The Grateful Teacher Adventure Kit FREE for signing up for the Brave Teacher Community--where I let you know more about what's going on and coming up.


  1. I believe this kit would be good for me. I'm a new teacher and have been through a lot already. It's very overwhelming especially when you have teachers that are not very supportive of you in your grade level. I think that your combined lessons, inspirations, and projects might offer some hope, healing, and empowerment.

  2. Affirming As A Way To Heal Your Heart would be a great kit for me because I am learning how powerful our words are to healing our body and our lives and 2012 is my year of total self love ~ creating wholeness body mind and soul.