Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before School Picnic A Success

So the before school picnic was a great success. I loved that both kids and adults started to mingle and talk really quickly. It's always fun to watch other people socialize! About half the class showed up. It's always good to meet kids and families and infuse some enthusiasm.

Not one to lose a great opportunity, I took shameless advantage of my captive audience. I passed out this years "Inspiration Guide" filled with some important highlights about the beginning of the year. I passed out a wish list, which included everything from recycled coffee cans to 4 flip camcorders on I asked for volunteers, and I've already received 4--yippee!!!
And I passed out book order forms. (The first one is always a sweet deal for teachers and hard to pass up.) I loved that kids were already previewing!

We ended with a crazy twist for charades. Kids are the guessers and adults are the actors. It's great because the adults are embarrassed, and the kids love it!

I'm sure will put it on the calendar for next year! Here's a little video:

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