Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspired To Ask

Today's inspirational focus is on asking to have our needs met. This was (sometimes still is) a foreign concept to me. I think I was trained to believe that I could actually meet my own and everyone else's needs. Based on that premise you might imagine how difficult it was for me almost 2 years ago when I spent 11 weeks on bedrest. In a lot of ways it took that extreme for me to even realize I couldn't meet all my needs and I couldn't expect others to read my mind to meet my needs.

Fast forward to the here and now. I'm surprised how really shy I still am about asking. It certainly doesn't feel good or right. I'm even more surprised when my needs actually do get met. And boy is it starting to happen a lot!

I've gotten a little bit obsessed about Flip Camcorders, so I registered at I asked parents to consider contributing toward them. I can't even wrap my brain around all the possibilities. So anyway, I find out that I may be able to take a class and get a Flip for less than the price of buying one outright.

Crazy, huh! What's even crazier is that I believe if I had not put it out there I would not have found this opportunity--or did it find me? Oh sure, the workshop was there in an email, but I've deleted more of those emails than I can count. Why did I open this one. I don't know if it's God or karma or old age wisdom. All I know is that the more I put my needs out there (which is still really uncomfortable) the more they are met.

My disclaimer is that there are things I've put out there that have not materialized. I believe those are the ones I don't really need now--maybe later, maybe never?? I don't know. I can't explain it.

Join me in graciously asking and joyfully receiving today.

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