Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Respect the Day

Here is the view from my desk. . .

Having survived 2 painful days of meetings and Open House, it was a relief to spend the day with a room full of bright eyed and eager children. It was also absolutely exhasuting.

So instead of some marvelous writing I'm going to show respect for the day and say it was wonderful and tough and exhausting. Sometimes the most respectful course is to acknowledge what it is and move on.

I've also really been struck by one of my 8 little motivators--Is it necessary? How much of what I say and do is necessary? How much of what is said and done around me is necessary? I just keep seeing it in so many places--especially those pockets of education where people don't really work with kids, but they want to impart all the answers--which are often not only unnecessary but useless.

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