Thursday, August 5, 2010

Science Notebooking

I spend lots of my summer time seeking out new stuff for my classroom that excites me. I look through books and magazines and online, and I can often be heard saying, "That's fantastic!" However I am seasoned enough to know that I can only implement a small percentage of those ideas, and even fewer can be done well.

So when August rolls around I'm always curious about what will rise to the top for the new year. This year I am particularly excited about interactive science notebooking. This is a process were students keep everything they do in a notebook--notes, vocabulary, lab activities. But they add to it, so they are basically creating their own one of a kind science text.

Some of the benefits are:

~learning organizational skills
~using both sides of the brain
~highly differentiated
~applying creativity to the content
~writing in response to the content

It's just an amazing tool. I can't wait to keep you updated.

What is exciting to you about your job today?

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