Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Respectful Wednesday


It might just getting you humming along with Aretha Franklin. . . baby, I'm asking for a little more, just a little more, respect.

For me RESPECT is a word full of hopeful and idealistic optimism.

One online definition I found said:

Esteem; the condition of being honored.

I LOVE the idea of honoring people, just for their humanity--not because they agree with us or make us feel good. . .just respecting the humanity and that being enough.

It feels good to respect people, most of the time. Sometimes it's scary. Sometimes people exploit respectful people as being push-overs. (I think this happens out of fear and uncertainty.)

From now on Wednesday will be a day I focus on respect--for ourselves, for children (which I often find easier than respecting many adults), respect for our profession, what it looks like in the classroom, and so on.

I know I could not teach without respect for myself, my profession, and my students. What/Who do you respect? Why?

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